Live September 2021
Miracle Theater, DC | Edlavitch DCJCC | Goethe Institut, DC | 6 & I Synagogue, DC

An opening festival weekend features live events based on the artistic achievements of IN Series 2020-2021 season, and featuring live music. 

The film of Gluck’s’ ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE will be screened at DC’s Eastern Market Miracle Cinema with husband and wife countertenor Benjamin Williamson and soprano Paula Sides with Simone Luti at the piano.

The song-film CHRONICLE OF A LIFE AND LOVE, blending Schumann's song-cycle  Frauenliebe und Leben and writings of Shalom Auslander, is adapted for the stage and performed by Elizabeth Mondragon and Noah Mitchel as part of JxJ at the Edlavitch DCJCC. 

The long-awaited premiere of the film PIECES OF A LAST ACT combines songs of Wagner with the final transfiguring act of his Tristan und Isolde in an exploration of 2020 care-workers becoming spiritual guides at the ends of life, featuring Maribeth Diggle, Brian Arreola, and special guest Alexander Oliver. and screened at DC’s new Goethe-Institut for an outdoor evening screening under the stars.

The weekend turns toward hopeful sunshine with a CONCERT OF NEW BEGINGS at the 6th and I Street Synagogue*, made from the music of Mozart and Bernstein, and featuring eight of IN Series’ most beloved artists and the words of poets from around the world commissioned by IN Series to write poems meditating on coming through this past year.

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