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Director of Marketing and Public Engagement

Role Description  

The Director of Marketing and Public Engagement is responsible for overseeing all aspects of IN Series engagement with its external community – including patrons, the general public, and the  media. This encompasses a broad array of disciplines such as institutional marketing, programmatic  marketing, communications and public-relations, importantly, patron services, box-office, and front of-house. This is a senior department head position that, answers directly to the IN Series Chief of Staff and the Artistic Director.  

In the realm of communications, the Director of Marketing and Public Engagement works in collaboration with Artistic Direction and the Chief of Staff to form and regularly re-examine organizational branding and voice that captures the mission of IN Series vision and mission statements, and at the same time achieves stated goals with clear objectives for return on investment of time and resources, particularly as it applies to the marketing of revenue generating projects. This includes both institutional and programmatic marketing strategy creation and  implementation; as well as curating programmatic and institutional messaging. Skills required  include, but are not limited to, marketing, graphic design, CRM management, PR and media relations, creative writing, social media design and management, and strategic planning. The  Director of Marketing is responsible for budget management of distribution of resources through  paid media campaigns in print, digital, online, and radio outlets. In addition, the Director of  Marketing should imagine and realize a robust plan for affinity marketing, cross-promotion, and  feature stories through personal media relationships. Outside of individual programmatic promotion, this position is responsible for a cadence weekly promotional e-blasts, and creating a promotion and sales strategy for IN Series’ subscriber program.  

In the realm of patron services, the Director of Marketing and Public Engagement curates the IN  Series patron experience in-person and online. They are responsible for all ticket sales and front-of house operations. This includes assembling and managing a contract staff and volunteer house team, imagining and realizing the smooth patron experience from production query to point of sale to theatre arrival to performance to post-performance follow-up. As such, the position has direct  hiring powers. They collaborate to create and then manage a budget for Marketing and Patron Services. This also includes overseeing the patron experience on IN Series’ digital streaming platform INvision: The Logan Operahouse Without Walls, and the IN Series website. Importantly this role  produces the IN Series subscriber experiences, including wine tastings, pre- and post-show talks, Director’s Salons, etc. The Director of Marketing and Public Engagement is a critical voice in  determining the pricing and packaging of IN Series ticketed events.

This is a competitive salaried full-time position with benefits, and has the expectation of nights and weekends in line with the performance and event calendar of the organization.

-Salary range of $50,000-$60,000 

-Education Benefits  

-Pension Benefits  

-Health Coverage 

-Paid Family Leave 

-Flexible Hours

An estimated breakdown of responsibilities is:

65% Marketing (approximately 50% in-person and 15% online)

35% Public Engagement and Patron Services

A non-exhaustive list of responsibilities includes:

• Create, maintain, and realize a marketing calendar which includes institutional and  programmatic marketing, managing appropriated budgets for these purposes and  communicating with direction about budgetary needs and landscape 

• Develop relationships with press and media and leverage those for increased IN Series  visibility. 

• Manage all ticket-sales either directly or through staff and volunteers  

• Manage IN Series ticketing equipment 

• Manage concessions and other sales at IN Series events 

• Curate in-person patron experiences 

• Collaborate with Artistic Director and Managing Director to design ticket packages, offers, subscriptions 

• Produce each year subscriber packages experiences  

• Manage staff and volunteer front-of-house team 

• Manage IN Series website 

• Manage INvision streaming platform  

• Help design and realize social media strategy 

• Assisting in realization of IN Series marketing strategy  

• Design and realize first-time ticket buyer, subscriber, and major donor recognition strategy

• Acquire tools and skills for wealth investigation and execute this approach for existing and  future patrons. 

• Oversee an internship program in the areas of marketing/communication/social-media

• Brainstorm on and develop strategies for reaching affinity audiences for each production or  project 

• Oversee IN Series’ social media presence, maintaining current areas of reach while vigilantly looker to opportunities to venture into new directions 

• Work closely with designers and creative teams to create well-tooled marketing materials  for events, productions, appeals, and news

• Oversee weekly e-blast and all targeted additional electronic communications to patrons

• Maintain a working knowledge and comfort with IN Series databases and contact lists

• When appropriate will manage and coordinate with all subcontractors (junior staff, contracted box-office and house staff and volunteers, marketing and PR firms, etc)

• Share in responsibility for website maintenance 

• Shared ownership in the development of an IN Series volunteer program

RESUME with COVER LETTER can be sent to Luz Segura at by June 1st, 2022.

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