Cradle Will Rock Auditions

THE CRADLE WILL ROCK Composer: Marc Blitzstein

Open AuditionIN Series, Washington DC


Saturday, February 3, 2024 10am - 2pmMonday, February 5, 2024, 5:30 - 9:00 pm

Callbacks by invitation: Tuesday, February 6, 5:30 - 9:00 pm



1835 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20009


First Rehearsal: End of August 2024Tech begins: Late September 2024Earliest* Possible Premiere: September 20 2024Latest* Possible Closing: October 20 2024 *while exact performance dates remain in flux, project includes 4 DC performances and 3 Baltimore performances

SEEKING:Strong Singers and Actors for various roles, most ideally with classical vocal training that accompanies extensive theatrical experience, for a new production of Marc Blitzstein’s landmark opera-music-theater masterpiece. Performers in the DC and Baltimore metro areas of all ages, racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities and expressions, and visible and invisible disabilities are encouraged to apply. Please include information regarding any accommodations you need in an audition, rehearsal or performance space. The DMV is one of the nation’s most diverse metro areas and we are committed to reflecting that diversity, and the intersectional experiences that accompany it, through this production. See Breakdown for role details.

PERSONNEL: Tim Nelson, Artistic DirectorEmily Baltzer, Music Director Shanara Gabrielle, Director


A project fee of $2400 covers 3 weeks of evening and weekend rehearsals (6 days) as well as one week of tech and 7 public performances.


Please send a short email of inquiry along with a CV/resume to Maribeth Diggle We will reply promptly to schedule an audition slot.


Please prepare a piece of music of your choice in English (opera or classical musical theater) showing off your voice. Bring sheet music; a piano accompanist will be provided. Chosen sides from selections here:
Women: please prepare Mezzo: (a cut from Moll AND a cut from Ella) OR Soprano (a cut from Mrs. M).Men: please prepare Tenor (a cut from Editor Daily); Baritone (a cut from Larry); OR Bass-Baritone (a cut from Reverend Salvation).The tracks in the drive are for learning/rehearsal purposes only. The audition will be with a live pianist.Bring a photo/resume stapled together. Or email photo/resume with submission to: Maribeth Diggle.


THE CRADLE WILL ROCK is an ensemble “play with music” and is almost entirely sung through, giving it many operatic qualities. Performers must be able to portray characters with depth and committed, distinct acting choices through their vocal performances. All actors will play more than one role and be active members of the ensemble. Actors of all ethnicities, gender identities, ages and abilities are encouraged to attend.

*The piece requires lower-voiced females, and mid-range male voices, with few exceptions. We will be listening primarily for vocal range, as well as style, throughout the audition process.

We are seeking 9 performers who are well-trained singers with strong acting abilities to play the following characters:

Moll -  a good-hearted amateur prostitute, tender, streetwise. She’s downtrodden but optimistic. She’s arrested for refusing her services to a policeman who helps her out of a fight with a stingy client; mezzo-soprano.

Harry Druggist - a former drugstore owner who is now continually arrested for vagrancy. A drunk, old shadow of a man. He is sweet but melancholy, hardened by his rough life and the death of his son; baritone.

Larry Foreman -  heroic labor union organizer, a voice of the people, idealistic young union organizer out to slay dragons, charismatic, fearless and outspoken, has a confident and engaging manner; baritone.

Mr. Mister - the Big Boss, a corrupt, greedy steel tycoon who owns the town’s factories, controls the press and the church, a nemesis to the average worker, dominating magnate and bully; bass/baritone.

Mrs. Mister -  Mr. Mister's haughty wife, a society woman who has manipulative charm, knows how to get what she wants, convincing, shrewd, and forthright; mezzo-soprano.

Junior Mister - son of Mr. Mister, never done a days work in his life, a privileged and frivolous idiot who enjoys women and cars, fancies himself a bit of a playboy, self-obsessed, baritone.

Sister Mister - daughter of Mr. Mister, a privileged wild child, rich and spoiled, but determined to be cool and make unconventional (and highly intentional) choices, mezzo-soprano.

Gus - Steelworker, baritone

Sadie - Gus’s wife, mezzo

Steve - son of Harry Druggist

Ella - sister of Joe Worker, mezzo

Reporters - various

The Liberty Committee: Editor Daily - editor of the local newspaper, tenor.

Reverend Salvation - An evangelist, but leaves God behind when politics comes into conflict with religion, a pliable church minister who’ll preach peace or war depending on the industrialist’s financial needs; bass/baritone.

Prez Prexy - President of Steeltown University

Mamie & Trixie - Professors at University

Dauber - painter, Sister Mister's art instructor, dotes on Mrs. Mister for her patronage, smarmy, rude, hypocritical, character singer; baritone.

Yasha - violinist, pompous, proud, educated, enjoys luxury, lewd and rude, character singer; baritone.

Dr. Specialist - Mr. Mister’s personal doctor

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