Ordering of Moses Walking Tour

Struggle and Triumph: Arts, Activism, and Change in Midtown DC

This walking tour is a timely and modern companion experience to the February performances of Dett’s The Ordering of Moses. Running approximately 45 minutes, we will explore the Mount Vernon area and beyond, touching on stories of the people, places, and extraordinary events that have pushed Washington, DC forward through the years. Faith communities have always been institutions for change all over the world and DC is no different. Learn about massive political and social transformation in the District and how triumph of individuals and institutions balanced the ever present struggle for progress.

This is a walking tour and takes place outside. Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. The tour will begin and end at Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church near the corner of 9th and Massachusetts Ave NW. Length 45-50 minutes.

Tickets to Concert and Walking Tour

Host: Timothy Wright is an educator & historian and the founder of Attucks Adams, a Washington, DC based walking tour company. Utilizing two decades of experience in museum education, civics education, and teacher professional development, Tim aims to connect the history of the District of Columbia with the dynamic, ever changing city it is today.

When not touring, Tim explores the streets of DC with his camera, documenting changes in the built environment and sharing his observations on social media and beyond. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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