Ordinary Art For Extraordinary People - Introducing our season artist Richshaad Ryan

IN Series is proud to partner with local artists in celebration of our city and its communities. For this year of reawakening, we turned to iconic DC artist Richshaad Ryan to create one-of-a-kind images depicting the season to come.

A staple of the fourteenth street scene, Richshaad creates “Ordinary Art for Extraordinary People,” featuring bright colors, bold outlines, city skylines, and DC flags, celebrating a deep love for his hometown, its residents, and its “vibe.” The work he has dreamt up to represent our 2021-2022 season, and which you will find on these pages, vividly communicates youthful exuberance, rupture, healing, hope, and above all, love and positivity in response to a year of unrest and isolation. Check out his website here and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @richshaadryan.

I used to HOPE for a better life

My SELFLOVE increased my FAITH

To be FEARLESS when chasing DESTINY

The SWEET PROMISE had LUST looking like LOVE

In order to B-GREAT, you must experience


Staying humble, as I celebrate this VICTORY of

Loving LIFE

As I stay true to self, I will be 4EVERBLESSED.


"Ordinary Art for Extraordinary People"

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